Liebe Besucher, ihr findet hier Links zu interessanten Gartenblogs, die ich auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen und Informationen gerne besuche:
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  • The Garden Decoder: What Is a ‘Keystone Plant’?The Garden Decoder: What Is a ‘Keystone Plant’?
    Recently, after hearing the words “keystone plant,” I had to take pause. As a longtime gardener, voracious garden book reader, not to mention a gardening author, I was surprised that I didn’t know what this term meant. And because I consider myself a perennial student, too, I did a little… Read more »
  • Easy-to-grow Hardy AnnualsEasy-to-grow Hardy Annuals
    Hardy annuals are some of the hardest-working, most productive plants in the late spring/early summer cutting garden. They are the first annuals to bloom in the spring, and their ability to withstand cold temperatures, thrive with minimal care, and produce abundantly for weeks from a single sowing make them an… Read more »
  • Tools & Tricks: Gardening with ArthritisTools & Tricks: Gardening with Arthritis
    Gardening is a peaceful and relaxing pastime. Or at least it should be. But sometimes it’s not—especially when it hurts. If you have arthritis or joint and movement health issues, gardening can leave you sore, achy, and not at all relaxed. It doesn’t have to be that way. Before we… Read more »
  • Beach Plum: A Resilient Native Shrub for Flowers, Fruit, and GinBeach Plum: A Resilient Native Shrub for Flowers, Fruit, and Gin
    Beachcombers and shoreline foragers on the East Coast will know the anticipation of August in the dunelands. The beach plum peal of late summer sends us exploring hopefully, bags and baskets in hand. The small native plums are ripening in the lee of old dunes and may be ready to… Read more »
  • Stauden vom Acker machenStauden vom Acker machen
    Sich vom Acker machen - das kennt man, aber Stauden vom Acker? Was soll das sein? Nun, in Bielefeld-Theesen kann man das auf einer Hoffläche ausprobieren: Dort wachsen Stauden einfach ohne Topf in der Erde, und wenn man sie kaufen möchte, bekommt man sie ausgegraben und kann sie mit nach… Read more »
  • The Story of the Floret Workshops Part 1The Story of the Floret Workshops Part 1
    I started growing flowers more than 15 years ago in my backyard when my kids were still really little. At that time social media wasn’t even a thing yet and blogging was just starting to gain popularity. Flower growing was such an obscure topic and there was very little information… Read more »
  • The Story of the Floret Workshops Part 2The Story of the Floret Workshops Part 2
    As we’re preparing for our upcoming scholarship program and to welcome our next class into the fold, I wanted to share a little bit more about the process of creating the course and why we designed it the way that we did. In the first part of this blog series,… Read more »
  • Trending on Remodelista: Cool for the SummerTrending on Remodelista: Cool for the Summer
    Some summertime accessories we didn’t know we wanted—until we spied them on Remodelista this week. Now we can’t stop thinking about them. Plus: The Family Duplex: Architect Camille Hermand’s Combined Paris Apartments High/Low: Modernist Sculptural Ceiling Light Tips on Transforming an Unimaginative Rental, Courtesy of a Design Editor Kitchen of… Read more »
  • ‘Great Gardens’ on Nowness: Inside the Minds of the Most Influential Gardeners‘Great Gardens’ on Nowness: Inside the Minds of the Most Influential Gardeners
    How often do you look at a reel on Instagram and think, “that is a masterpiece”? (Not often, we’re guessing.) When somebody like Arthur Parkinson points us in the direction of moving pictures, however, we do sit up: especially if he is the subject. This week’s digital video release of… Read more »
  • 6 Favorites: Low-Slung Folding Metal Beach Chairs6 Favorites: Low-Slung Folding Metal Beach Chairs
    I’ve learned a lesson from Maine’s fleeting summers: Always keep a bathing suit and other beach essentials in the back of the car. That way, you’re always prepared for a spur-of-the-moment dip or an after-work beach trip just to see the sunset, and soaking up as much summer as possible,… Read more »
  • 10 Favorites: The Best Plant ID Apps
    While gardening is viewed by some as a retreat away from our tech filled world, tech has a place in the garden. Access to information helps us to identify what’s growing and how to take care of it. These apps make it easier to find information fast—while you are standing… Read more »
  • Aronia: Grow Your Own SuperfoodAronia: Grow Your Own Superfood
    Aronia melanocarpa is no ordinary shrub. It is a three-season pleaser: spring flowers, summer fruit, and vivid autumn color that is an intense backdrop for the persistent black fruit. Aronia is also a native North American superfood, which we can snack on through winter. (So make that four seasons!). The… Read more »
  • Your Garden In AugustYour Garden In August
    As I sit down to write this post I find that August surfaces mixed emotions. On one hand, our garden is coming into its […] Read more »
  • Living Rooms: Botanical Artist Flora Roberts’s Poetic Wallpaper from Hamilton WestonLiving Rooms: Botanical Artist Flora Roberts’s Poetic Wallpaper from Hamilton Weston
    Flora Roberts was raised in rural southwest Scotland by parents who loved to garden. “I learned about flowers from an early age,” she tells us. Perhaps it was foretold that after studying textile design at the Glasgow School of Art and London’s Royal College of Art, Flora would find her… Read more »
  • Sauerrahm Eiscreme mit BeerenSauerrahm Eiscreme mit Beeren
    Heute habe ich ein frisches Eis-Rezept für heisse Tage für Dich. Ich hoffe Du kannst lauter feine Sommerbeeren ernten und diese geniessen. Danke fürs Mitlesen. Read more »
  • Pflanzentipp Perowskie/Blauraute: attraktiv und winterhartPflanzentipp Perowskie/Blauraute: attraktiv und winterhart
    Die Blauraute (auch Perowskie bzw. Perovskia atriplicifolia) blüht von Juli bis Oktober, ist winterhart, der Star bei Biene & Co. und braucht auch noch wenig Wasser. Sie hat das Zeug zur Lieblingspflanze. Plötzlich sah ich nur noch lila: herrlich wogende Pflanzen, die balsamisch dufteten und von Insekten nur so umschwirrt… Read more »
  • How to Use Mirrors in the Garden To Improve Your DesignHow to Use Mirrors in the Garden To Improve Your Design
    How to fix size, light and balance problems in your garden with a mirror. Mirrors are an easy way to solve some of the most common garden design issues. The post How to Use Mirrors in the Garden To Improve Your Design appeared first on PITH + VIGOR by Rochelle… Read more »
  • Gelenkige WildbienenGelenkige Wildbienen
    Neulich in Brandenburg sah ich keinen springenden Punkt, aber einen fliegenden, roten. Ich dachte zunächst, dass da ein rotes Geranienblütenblatt in einem Spinnennetz hängt und vom Wind hin und her geweht wird, bis das Blatt mit einer Biene in einem Loch im Geländer verschwand. Hier war ganz offensichtlich eine Blattschneiderbiene… Read more »
  • Trending on Remodelista: The Natural HomeTrending on Remodelista: The Natural Home
    Wood furniture, neutral palette, an under-done aesthetic: the homes featured on Remodelista this week skewed pleasingly au naturale. Plus: Remodelista Reconnaissance: The Ideal Ceramic Coffee Cups, Sans Handle Objects of Desire: Woven Pet Huts from Ghana, West Africa DIY Inspiration: Sandy Suffield’s Paper Quilts 10 Easy Pieces: C-Tables ‘Minimal Maximalist’… Read more »
  • All Hail The Tromboncino!All Hail The Tromboncino!
    Are you bored of your courgettes being blighted by mildew? Are you receptive to the simple amusement of a provocatively proportioned vegetable? Then tromboncinos are for you! Read more »