Liebe Besucher, ihr findet hier Links zu interessanten Gartenblogs, die ich auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen und Informationen gerne besuche:
Das Laden der Seite dauert gelegentlich etwas länger, da die Feeds erst abgerufen werden müssen…

  • Putting the Garden to Bed: Your Autumn Check ListPutting the Garden to Bed: Your Autumn Check List
    Leaves are falling. Days are shrinking, nights are stretching. Autumn is not the end of gardening, but a good time to make plans, prepare, and put to bed. And perhaps grow a salad or three. Read on for 10 fall garden chores to do now. Photography by Marie Viljoen. 1.… Read more »
  • Landscape Architect Visit: Whimsy & Delight in a Walled Multi-Level Garden for a Family of SevenLandscape Architect Visit: Whimsy & Delight in a Walled Multi-Level Garden for a Family of Seven
    This is simply one of the most joyful gardens we’ve ever seen. More than 20 years ago, Anna and Allan Joyce (a landscape architect and architect, respectively) decided to build their family home on a half acre in Southwell, England, that came with a derelict walled garden. They had five… Read more »
  • Domestic Dispatches: My Fireplace Remodel, No Smoke InvolvedDomestic Dispatches: My Fireplace Remodel, No Smoke Involved
    There are many reasons I married my husband: for his salsa recipe, ability to make the modem thing work, and taste in books (if he likes an Alan Furst, so will I). But perhaps his greatest hidden talent is he can make a fire. Yes, I know your husband can… Read more »
  • Whatever the WeatherWhatever the Weather
    Since the end of August the garden has taken one battering after another. In Broadstairs we have experienced gales from every point on the compass, heavy rain and unusually chilly nights. By the end of September both the Jungle Garden and the Gin & Tonic Garden looked more like they… Read more »
  • Gut gestiefeltGut gestiefelt
    Die Engländer sind ja schon schlau, was das Gärtnern angeht. Und man merkt auch sofort, dass das Gärtnern nicht im Reihenhaus, sondern in einem Cottage oder gar auf einem herrschaftlichen Anwesen entdeckt wurde, schließlich beweist dies die unglaublich clevere Erfindung des "Mud Rooms". Dieser praktische Raum ist so eine Art… Read more »
  • Trending on Remodelista: Natural Beauty, Indoor EditionTrending on Remodelista: Natural Beauty, Indoor Edition
    With daylight dwindling, we’re all starting to clock more hours indoors. Fortunately, Remodelista has some fresh ideas for bringing the great outdoors in. Plus: Steal This Look: A New York Kitchen with Old World Charm 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Plaster 10 Easy Pieces: Remodelista Editors’ Favorite Everyday Wine… Read more »
  • Your First Garden: What You Need to Know Before You Plant a Tree or ShrubYour First Garden: What You Need to Know Before You Plant a Tree or Shrub
    We have a beautiful dogwood in our front yard. Like the other few plants on our property that are actually thriving, this tree was here long before we arrived—and long before I started gardening (or what I like to call, killing plants with my good intentions). Trouble is, an arborist… Read more »
  • Gartenreise Botanischer Garten AugsburgGartenreise Botanischer Garten Augsburg
    Eine Gartenreise nach Augsburg. Kommst Du mit ein paar schöne Eindrücke sammeln? Grüess Pascale Read more »
  • Hardscaping 101: Clay Roof TilesHardscaping 101: Clay Roof Tiles
    I still remember the first time I saw roofs made of red clay tiles. I was visiting my grandmother in Santa Monica one hot summer, and I was enchanted by the city’s combination of terra-cotta roofs, stucco bungalows, cracked concrete streets, and tall, skinny palm trees. Santa Monica seemed warm and gracious, and… Read more »
  • 10 Best Low Light Indoor Plants to Grow
    If you are like most of us, a good number of your indoor plants need the ability to grow in low light. Why? Because most of us have standard homes... Read More The post 10 Best Low Light Indoor Plants to Grow appeared first on The Garden Glove. Read more »
  • 10 Easy Pieces: Modern Wood-Burning Fire Pits and Bowls10 Easy Pieces: Modern Wood-Burning Fire Pits and Bowls
    Back in spring, prepping for the pandemic meant stocking up on toilet paper. This fall? Make sure you order a fire pit in order to extend outdoor entertaining season. Below, our recommendations for some particularly stylish ones. Create an instant bonfire with these versatile wood-burning fire pits and bowls, perfect… Read more »
  • Gardening 101: Common FigGardening 101: Common Fig
    Common fig, Ficus carica  The next plant I plan to buy for myself (and not for a garden client) will definitely be a fig tree. I usually harvest figs from my clients’ trees, and any fruit that goes uneaten I turn into yummy fig jam, but transporting delicate, thin-skinned figs… Read more »
  • Author Interview: Frances PalmerAuthor Interview: Frances Palmer
    I first met Frances Palmer in 2015 when she came to our farm to attend one of our in-person workshops. We formed a strong connection and have stayed in touch over the years. I’m in love with her pottery and her photography, and deeply inspired by how she’s grown a… Read more »
  • Zinnias: Rethinking a Farm Stand FlowerZinnias: Rethinking a Farm Stand Flower
    Why do flowers go in and out of fashion? In the 18th century, German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn received a shipment of Asteraceae seeds from Mexico that locally had been considered an ugly weed. In Europe their reputation fared better; Carl Linnaeus dubbed them “zinnias” after Zinn, who died young.  Two centuries later, the… Read more »
  • Beetplanung einfach selbst gemacht: Beispiel PräriebeetBeetplanung einfach selbst gemacht: Beispiel Präriebeet
    Werde dein eigener Beetplaner, denn eine Pflanzung zu entwerfen, kann man ganz einfach lernen. Am Beispiel eines Präriebeetes zeige ich dir, wie es geht. Am Ende des Beitrags gibt es überdies einen Link zu einem Fernsehbeitrag vom rbb, bei dem ich ein ganz ähnliches Beet geplant habe. Du kannst dich… Read more »
  • Plant LovePlant Love
    Auch Gartenbücher haben Jahreszeiten. Während man im Winter gern in Gartenreiseführern oder Bildbänden blättert, die den Blick nach draußen in den kahlen Garten ersetzen, sind es im Herbst und Winter auch Bücher über Zimmerpflanzen. Denn nun sieht man seine grünen Mitbewohner wieder öfter, zusammen genießen wir die gleichbleibenden Temperaturen im… Read more »
  • The House by the LaneThe House by the Lane
    ‘Chyanvounder’: ‘Chy’ meaning house and ‘vounder’ meaning lane in the Cornish language. We have made three attempts to visit Cornwall this year. The first was thwarted by the untimely demise of The Beau‘s ill fated Mini Cooper. Dreams of a second sojourn were ended by lockdown. Thankfully it was to… Read more »
  • Trending on Remodelista: Decorating with a Little ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’Trending on Remodelista: Decorating with a Little ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’
    Remodelista armchair-traveled to France this week for a dose of je ne sais quoi flair—and we couldn’t be more pleased with the ideas. Go askew. Add softness. Buy French. Rely on vintage. Plus: Steal This Look: A Modern Farmhouse Dining Room in France Kitchen of the Week: A Compact Family… Read more »
  • Rehab Diaries: Rescuing a 100-Year-Old GardenRehab Diaries: Rescuing a 100-Year-Old Garden
    Joel and Diane Schatz have photos (circa 1927) of their Mill Valley, California, house that show a garden party in progress under a great canopy of wisteria, with guests in party hats posed against a backdrop of pampered rhododendrons, camellias, and holly. This is not how the place looked the… Read more »
  • Für eine üppig lila Pracht: Eisenkraut (Verbena bonariensis) im Herbst aussäenFür eine üppig lila Pracht: Eisenkraut (Verbena bonariensis) im Herbst aussäen
    Du fragst dich: Ist das angesagte Patagonische oder Argentinische Eisenkraut eigentlich mehrjährig? Die Antwort: Es ist nicht zuverlässig winterhart, sät sich aber selbst aus. Tut es das nicht, hilfst du mit meinen Tipps am besten nach. Immer wieder werde ich gefragt, wie ich das violette Eisenkraut im Garten kultiviere. Während… Read more »