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  • Gardening 101: Hardy BegoniaGardening 101: Hardy Begonia
    Hardy Begonia, Begonia grandis: “Sun Shunner” A hardy begonia that could survive northeast winters is something I never dreamed existed until a few years ago when, wanting a crash course in gardening techniques, I offered myself to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as a three-day-a-week volunteer.  I weeded, pruned, raked, and hauled… Read more »
  • Private Property: 13 Inspired Garage ConversionsPrivate Property: 13 Inspired Garage Conversions
    I’ve been noticing quite a few garage renovations on my daily get-me-away-from-my-kids-before-I-implode walks. Makes sense. As remote learning and working continue to be the norm for many families, homeowners are increasingly desperate to carve out more private space. An unused garage, with the help of a contractor and architect, can… Read more »
  • Hardscaping 101: Brick PatiosHardscaping 101: Brick Patios
    We learned this young: When the third little pig chose brick, he knew what he was doing. As a building material, brick has stood the test of time. It’s hardworking, aesthetically versatile, easily maintained, and affordable. Although it’s sometimes considered a formal look for a patio, that depends on the… Read more »
  • Gardening 101: How to Prune RosesGardening 101: How to Prune Roses
    Mrs. Hart was my next-door neighbor on Long Island. She was what we called “an original owner,” having moved into her brand-new house in a brand-new subdivision in the post-war exuberance of the 1940s. In the ensuing decades, she’d raised a son, outlived a husband, and cultivated magnificent rose bushes.… Read more »
  • Allium sphaerocephalon: naturhafter Zierlauch im SommergartenAllium sphaerocephalon: naturhafter Zierlauch im Sommergarten
    Schön für natürliche Pflanzungen im Sommer ist der Kugelköpfige Lauch Allium sphaerocephalon in sattem Violett. Bienen und Hummeln lieben ihn mindestens genauso wie wir Gartenmenschen. Alles über das Pflanzen und Pflegen des grazilen Zierlauchs. Kugelköpfig ist der Kugelköpfige Lauch eigentlich nicht. Er ist weniger Ernie, dafür viel mehr Bert: richtig… Read more »
  • MinzenmonsterMinzenmonster
    Manche Pflanzen sind wie Tintenstrahldrucker - erst bekommt man sie für ganz wenig Geld oder sogar geschenkt, aber kaum gehen ein paar Jahre ins Land entstehen ungeahnte Kosten oder im Falle des Grünzeugs ungeahnte Aufwände, sie wieder loszuwerden oder einzudämmen. Denn natürlich bekommt man eher solche Stauden geschenkt, die jemand… Read more »
  • Trending on Remodelista: Storage Ideas for Every Room in the HouseTrending on Remodelista: Storage Ideas for Every Room in the House
    If your home is anything like ours, it’s being used and abused far more than pre-pandemic times. Time to make like it’s January and declutter and organize once more. May these storage ideas from Remodelista inspire your mission: In the Bedroom Above: Custom oak built-in closets bring warmth to this… Read more »
  • 10 Ideas to Steal from Baja California Gardens10 Ideas to Steal from Baja California Gardens
    Of the two things plants need most—sun and water—Baja California, the narrow Mexican peninsula stretching 760 miles south from California’s southern border, has no shortage of the first. Water is another matter. The past couple of decades have been exceptionally dry, and both home gardeners and pros must be resourceful… Read more »
  • Gardening 101: CorydalisGardening 101: Corydalis
    Corydalis, Corydalis: “Bird in a Bush” Shaped like the head of a crested lark (according to the ancient Greeks), corydalis flowers have a flitting, temporary look. They come and go all summer but the evergreen, filigree foliage is an indication of the plant’s permanence: once it chooses your piece of… Read more »
  • High/Low: Wire Chair by Russell WoodardHigh/Low: Wire Chair by Russell Woodard
    For years designer Russell Woodard’s midcentury mesh wire chairs were out of production, the province of in-the-know collectors who would pick them up at yard sales and vintage shops. (An original chair, dated 1956, is in the Cooper-Hewitt museum’s permanent collection.) In 2015, Woodard Furniture reintroduced the Sculptura collection (now available… Read more »
  • Königskerzen: Jetzt aussäen für einen majestätischen GartenKönigskerzen: Jetzt aussäen für einen majestätischen Garten
    Königskerzen sind beeindruckende Gestalten im Garten und kommen mit Trockenheit und mageren Böden sehr gut klar. Im Spätsommer wird es Zeit, die zweijährigen Pflanzen auszusäen. Tipps zum Pflanzen und Pflegen der robusten Pflanze. Alle elf Sekunden könnte ich mich neu in die Großblütige Königskerze (Verbascum densiflorum) verlieben. Dabei habe ich… Read more »
  • A Garden Grows in Quarantine: ‘Cultivated Wildness’ in a Landscape Architect Couple’s Napa HomeA Garden Grows in Quarantine: ‘Cultivated Wildness’ in a Landscape Architect Couple’s Napa Home
    Like many city dwellers with second homes, Roderick Wyllie and James Lord decamped for theirs, in Napa Valley, when the first “shelter in place” orders hit the Bay Area. The two are partners in life and at Surfacedesign, an award-winning multidisciplinary landscape architecture firm in San Francisco, and they figured… Read more »
  • Palette & Paints: 8 Colorful Exterior StainsPalette & Paints: 8 Colorful Exterior Stains
    We’ve already polled the members of the Gardenista Architect/Designer Directory to find the best in Exterior Paint colors to help you make one of the toughest household design decisions when the time comes. Today, we scratch the surface of exterior stains for shingled facades, clapboard, and fences. Here are eight… Read more »
  • Auf der Suche nach den SchachbrettfalternAuf der Suche nach den Schachbrettfaltern
    Sie sind nur schwarz-weiß und nicht nur deswegen irgendwie retro - die Schachbrettfalter gehören in der Tat zur Kategorie "Früher war alles besser". Früher gab es mehr Blumenwiesen, die nicht zu oft gemäht und auch nicht ständig gedüngt wurden, sodass die Falter noch genug Blüten und auch Gräser für die… Read more »
  • Trending on Remodelista: Dining Al Fresco, 3 WaysTrending on Remodelista: Dining Al Fresco, 3 Ways
    You won’t mind the mosquito bites when the outdoor dining setup is this good. Here are three ideas from Remodelista: Above: A biergarten table and bench set is a chic classic for a casual patio, and this one, with green legs, is just about perfect. Photograph courtesy of The Modern… Read more »
  • Landscaping 101: How to Kill Poison IvyLandscaping 101: How to Kill Poison Ivy
    Poison ivy was making enemies as early as the 17th century. Upon discovering it in the New World, Captain John Smith noted in 1623, “The poysoned weed is much in shape like our English Ivy, but being but touched, causeth rednesse, itching, and lastly blisters.” The redness, itching, and blisters are… Read more »
  • Gardening 101: CleomeGardening 101: Cleome
    Cleome, Cleome hassleriana: “Spider Flower” Long ago, back in the time of flower power and hippie counterculture, I grew my hair long and lived for a while in a shabby fifth-floor walk-up that had few amenities but was flooded with bright sunshine all day long. That gorgeous light was no… Read more »
  • The Summer Living Room: 15 Airy Screened-In PorchesThe Summer Living Room: 15 Airy Screened-In Porches
    Screened-in porches are making a comeback, a trend we applaud. After years of dwindling popularity, porches are back on young homebuyers’ lists of “Most Wanted” features, according to the National Association of Homebuilders. Among Millenials, a front porch is more prized than hardwood floors, a master bath with both a shower and tub,… Read more »
  • And So It Begins…And So It Begins…
    It is official, we won’t go hungry this summer! Harvesting on the allotment has well and truly begun, especially the crop of courgettes, and we are eating more of our home-grown produce every day. Previously I mentioned our salad crops and I can most definitely confirm that we are now… Read more »
  • 11 Garden Ideas to Steal from the Coast of Maine11 Garden Ideas to Steal from the Coast of Maine
    The rocky coast of Maine is known for being a little weather-worn, with Down East charm: old gray Adirondack chairs, hardy plantings that can stand the salt air, and outdoor showers for washing off the sand. It might be because of Maine’s down-to-earth people, or—more likely—because little needs to be… Read more »