Liebe Besucher, ihr findet hier Links zu interessanten Gartenblogs, die ich auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen und Informationen gerne besuche:
Das Laden der Seite dauert gelegentlich etwas länger, da die Feeds erst abgerufen werden müssen…

  • Dahlien vortreiben und einpflanzen: schnell und unkompliziertDahlien vortreiben und einpflanzen: schnell und unkompliziert
    Dahlien vortreiben und einpflanzen geht ganz einfach. Mir haben die Dahlien selbst einen Trick verraten, und der geht so. Dahlien überwintere ich im Keller. Eigentlich benutze ich dafür einen Umzugskarton. Im vorigen Winter war ich dazu aber zu faul und habe alle Knollen einzeln in transparente Müllbeutel gesteckt und im… Read more »
  • Orchideen, Falter und HundehaufenOrchideen, Falter und Hundehaufen
    Gärtner und Naturfotografen brauchen kein Fitnessstudio. Erstere aus naheliegenden Gründen: Das Auf und Nieder beim Unkrautjäten oder Kompostverteilen strapaziert Muskeln, an deren Existenz man bis dahin gar nicht geglaubt hatte.Doch auch das Fotografieren freier Wildbahn oder im Garten ist kein Spaziergang. Möchte man Insekten auf Augenhöhe begegnen, heißt es erstmal:… Read more »
  • Trending on Remodelista: Spotlight on CraftsmanshipTrending on Remodelista: Spotlight on Craftsmanship
    The interiors featured on Remodelista are all striking and singular—thanks to an accumulation of small details that add up to big impact. Below, some examples: Plus: “Nothing Flashy”: The Well-Traveled Home of UK Interior Designer Lucy Currell Kitchen of the Week: A Serene and Sculptural Kitchen in Brooklyn Heights by… Read more »
  • Spring’s Trees at Historic Green-Wood Cemetery in BrooklynSpring’s Trees at Historic Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn
    Spring in New York City is exciting for anyone who vibrates to the pitch of trees greening and beginning to bloom. Streets are transformed. Branches bare and brown for months are softening with blossoms and greening with tiny leaves. If the city’s unfurling spring streets are appealing, the park-like grounds… Read more »
  • Chelsea Flower Show 2022 Preview – A Garden SanctuaryChelsea Flower Show 2022 Preview – A Garden Sanctuary
    Enjoy a quick tour of this serene, Japanese-inspired garden conceived as a space to decompress and reconnect with nature. Read more »
  • Rodmarton: The Last Word in Arts and Crafts GardensRodmarton: The Last Word in Arts and Crafts Gardens
    Rodmarton Manor in the Cotswolds has been described more than once as the ultimate Arts and Crafts house and garden. In garden parlance, it is a style that is referenced now more than ever as a framework that continues to accommodate just about any kind of relaxed planting—grassy perennial, traditional… Read more »
  • Garden TherapyGarden Therapy
    The last two months have been a whirlwind of activity and a rollercoaster of emotions, leaving me with less time than I’d like to […] Read more »
  • Gardening 101: Redwood SorrelGardening 101: Redwood Sorrel
    Redwood sorrel, Oxalis oregana Just because Redwood sorrel is in the Oxalis family doesn’t mean you have to run for the hills in fear. But I get it—when most people hear “Oxalis,” they think of that noxious weed with the bright yellow flowers (Oxalis pes-caprae) that is frustratingly difficult to… Read more »
  • Object of Desire: Business & Pleasure UmbrellasObject of Desire: Business & Pleasure Umbrellas
    When Lachlan Leckie and Ollie Edwards set out to create the world’s best beach umbrella, they began by consulting arguably the last remaining umbrella craftsman in their native Australia. And the gap for beautifully made parasols for the beach—but also the garden—was clearly gaping because the duo’s colorful, cheerful umbrellas… Read more »
  • Pine Cone Jam: A Surprising Foraged TreatPine Cone Jam: A Surprising Foraged Treat
    Pine cone jam. A tongue-scraping oxymoron or a soothing and familiar treat? That depends where you come from. In Eastern Europe and Russia sweet pine cone preserves are sold in stores and by vendors at outdoor markets, the petite baby cones nestled in jars of dark syrup. In Italy that… Read more »
  • Perennials For Shade That Bloom All Summer
    When the garden catalogs come out and the nurseries start stocking plants, gardeners start thinking about how to get the most bloom for their buck. That can be a really... Read More The post Perennials For Shade That Bloom All Summer appeared first on The Garden Glove. Read more »
  • Kuscheldecken im GartenKuscheldecken im Garten
    Nordsee-Feeling im Garten? Dazu braucht es kein Meeresrauschen, keinen Strandhafer und keine Muscheln. Es reicht auch schon etwas ganz Banales: Schafwolle! Wenn sie mit integrierten Düngepaketen daherkommt, riecht der ganze Garten gleich wie ein echter Nordseedeich. Wenn das kein Urlaubsflair ist!Doch halt, warum sollte man sich Schafwolle mit Geruch in… Read more »
  • Trending on Remodelista: Kitchen & Bath InspirationTrending on Remodelista: Kitchen & Bath Inspiration
    Considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel? You’re not alone: they’re by far the most popular rooms to renovate. Lucky for you, Remodelista has some ideas—including how to do it economically. Bathrooms Kitchens Plus: 10 Easy Pieces: Modern Toilet Paper Holders Steal This Look: Playful Color in an Ultra-Small UK Kitchen… Read more »
  • Garden Visit: The Edible Garden at Oracle ParkGarden Visit: The Edible Garden at Oracle Park
    Gardening and baseball? Not the most likely combination. But inside San Francisco’s famed Oracle Park—just behind center-field, tucked between bleachers and under the massive scoreboard—is a thriving, productive, well-used, and visually appealing edible garden. And despite the brutal wind, foggy climate, and challenging growing conditions, the garden successfully produces an… Read more »
  • Required Reading: ‘Grow5: Simple Seasonal Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces with Just Five Plants’ by Lucy BellamyRequired Reading: ‘Grow5: Simple Seasonal Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces with Just Five Plants’ by Lucy Bellamy
    For some of us, successful plant combinations are rather difficult. My own former garden was a series of episodes: the rambling rose tunnel, the collection of irises, the pots of agapanthus. Otherwise there was a lot of ground cover and an ersatz border filled with surplus plants that I didn’t… Read more »
  • Rückblick Winter + Frühjahr 2022Rückblick Winter + Frühjahr 2022
    Noch sind wir mitten im Frühjahr, da ich in den letzten Monaten nicht dazu gekommen bin, hier was zu schreiben, hat der Beitrag aber doch einen Rückblickcharakter.Inzwischen haben alle Pflanzen das Winterquartier verlassen - so weit ich sehe, haben wir alles ohne Verluste durch die kalte Jahreszeit gebracht. Der Winter… Read more »
  • Landscape Designer Visit: A San Francisco Backyard Where ‘Surf Life Meets Ancient Rituals’Landscape Designer Visit: A San Francisco Backyard Where ‘Surf Life Meets Ancient Rituals’
    If a landscape designer were to describe a certain aesthetic as “surf life meets ancient rituals,” you’d be forgiven for wondering what that could possibly mean. But one look at this project from Los Angeles- and San Francisco-based design studio OR.CA, and the description starts to make sense. Outfitted with… Read more »
  • Gardening 101: How to Grow Vegetables in the ShadeGardening 101: How to Grow Vegetables in the Shade
    Do you look wistfully at all those gorgeous tomato plants at your garden center as you pass them by to go to the shade plant section? Do you sit on your deck overlooking your yard full of ferns and hostas, and wonder if you’ll ever be able to grow anything… Read more »
  • May in Maine: Heaven on Earth?May in Maine: Heaven on Earth?
    Maine in May is where we long to be. In the worst days of the pandemic’s first year, my husband and I looked north towards Maine for a coastal escape. I had never been. Good friends and former New York City neighbors guided us from our Brooklyn to theirs: Brooklin,… Read more »
  • How To Enjoy Your Garden in MayHow To Enjoy Your Garden in May
    How to get the most out of your garden in the merry month of May. Read more »