Liebe Besucher, ihr findet hier Links zu interessanten Gartenblogs, die ich auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen und Informationen gerne besuche:
Das Laden der Seite dauert gelegentlich etwas länger, da die Feeds erst abgerufen werden müssen…

  • Gardening 101: CannasGardening 101: Cannas
    Canna, Canna: “Tropical Burst” Do you need a perennial that joyously sings of faraway lands filled with tropical loveliness? (Who doesn’t?) Popular with Victorian plant collectors who prized the plants for their dramatic foliage and crayon-colored flowers, cannas can lend an exotic air to any garden. (But if you live in a USDA growing zone… Read more »
  • Trend Alert: Little Free Art Galleries for Your Front YardTrend Alert: Little Free Art Galleries for Your Front Yard
    Most likely you’ve heard of the little free library, a book-sharing box that anyone can install in their front yard to encourage passersby to either take a book or donate one. The next generation of little libraries? The Little Free Art Gallery. This new creative trend is rooted in the… Read more »
  • Stunning Rock Garden Ideas for Landscaping on a Slope
    If you aren’t lucky enough to have a flat lot, don’t give up your garden dreams. These rock garden ideas are perfect for landscaping on a slope, and they are... Read More The post Stunning Rock Garden Ideas for Landscaping on a Slope appeared first on The Garden Glove. Read more »
  • Garden Visit: A Wildflower Meadow at the Edge of an English Cottage GardenGarden Visit: A Wildflower Meadow at the Edge of an English Cottage Garden
    Sally French-Greenslade clearly remembers her daughter, as a small child, standing next to a willow sapling in the middle of her beautiful Cheshire garden more than 50 years ago. Today, along with silver birches, Scots pines, and copper beeches, the same willow towers over a magical space that shimmers with… Read more »
  • Darkness Reigns: Architects’ 8 Favorite Black Exterior Paint ColorsDarkness Reigns: Architects’ 8 Favorite Black Exterior Paint Colors
    You love black houses; we love black houses. Easy to admire but a bold move to make, not just any shade will do. We’ve asked architect and designer members of our Professional Directory for their favorite black exterior paints. Here, they’ve shed some light for when you’re ready to go dark.… Read more »
  • Planting A Container for Autumn ColourPlanting A Container for Autumn Colour
    By mid-September, many summer-flowering annuals have started to burn themselves out. They’ve given their all, and their natural instinct is now to produce seed before the weather gets colder and they die. This can leave pots and containers planted in late spring looking rather forlorn. If you’re not ready to… Read more »
  • BUGA ErfurtBUGA Erfurt
    Endlich Erfurt - da war ich nämlich noch nie. Dieses Jahr bietet es sich geradezu an, die Stadt zu besuchen, denn es findet die Bundesgartenschau statt! An zwei Standorten, dem Petersberg und dem egapark, kann man in Blüten schwelgen. Doch zunächst einmal musste ich eine Eigenart von Erfurt kennenlernen -… Read more »
  • Trending on Remodelista: The Little Things, Kitchen Remodel EditionTrending on Remodelista: The Little Things, Kitchen Remodel Edition
    There are some great-looking kitchens on Remodelista this week, but what impressed us most about them were the small, smart tweaks to conventional kitchen design. To wit: The Step-Down Shelf for Mail The Storage-Only Kitchen Island The Inset Sink Ledge Plus: 10 Easy Pieces: 36-Inch Gas Cooktops Steal This Look:… Read more »
  • A Garden in Dorset, in Full BloomA Garden in Dorset, in Full Bloom
    In early June, we visited architect Ben Pentreath at his Dorset garden, shrouded in a dewy spring mist. Three months later, he’s invited us back. Pentreath, the author of  English Decoration; Timeless Inspiration for the Contemporary Home, took some photos to remind us once again that there’s really nothing to… Read more »
  • Gardening 101: TulsiGardening 101: Tulsi
    Tusli, Ocimum tenuiflorum: ‘Holy Basil’ To get in the proper mood to write this post, I brewed myself a cup of warm, tasty, and healthy Tulsi tea. I’ve been a fan of this tea for a while, because studies have long shown that the herb has medicinal qualities that support… Read more »
  • The Story of the Floret Workshops Part 2The Story of the Floret Workshops Part 2
    Last week we had the opportunity to visit the Lynden Tribune, a family-run newspaper and printing company that has been in business for more than 100 years. I am thrilled to be working with their incredible team on some really special projects—our 2022 wall calendar, daily planner, and our Floret… Read more »
  • Zwiebelblüher: diese 10 gehören in jeden GartenZwiebelblüher: diese 10 gehören in jeden Garten
    Jetzt das neue Gartenjahr planen und von Blüten träumen: Im Herbst ist Zeit, Blumenzwiebeln zu setzen. Aber welche? Ich zeige dir meine Must-haves durchs Gartenjahr. (Und ja, es war bei der Fülle des Angebots sehr schwer, eine Auswahl zu treffen.) Diese zehn Zwiebelblumen sind sozusagen das Pfeffer und Salz eines… Read more »
  • Lawn Begone: 7 Ideas for Front Garden LandscapesLawn Begone: 7 Ideas for Front Garden Landscapes
    They say you are what you wear. This is also true of your house. Your front yard makes a strong first impression. Here are seven of our favorite landscaping ideas to dress up the place: 1. Flower Garden My next-door neighbor in Mill Valley, California tore up the grass first… Read more »
  • Hardscaping 101: French DrainsHardscaping 101: French Drains
    Add the word “French” to anything and it sounds elegant. This works even with a boring, vaguely hostile word like “drain,” a feature of your hardscape that you generally don’t want to think about; let’s just hope a drain is doing its job and leave it at that. But a French drain? I want one. Imagine… Read more »
  • Paying it ForwardPaying it Forward
    I started growing flowers when our kids were still really small. To put that into perspective, Elora is in her third year of college and Jasper just graduated from high school. So I have been growing flowers for a very long time.  When the kids were little, Chris was working… Read more »
  • Poppies in Paradise: A Garden Visit in Healdsburg, CaliforniaPoppies in Paradise: A Garden Visit in Healdsburg, California
    “I’m planning a new garden because a house is going to be dropped down on my existing beds,” a friend wrote, attaching a site plan to the email. “What do you think?” This was in 2013, soon after my friend and her husband had decided to build a new two-story… Read more »
  • CO2-günstig gärtnernCO2-günstig gärtnern
    Diesen Sommer scheint es, als wären unsere dringendsten Probleme im Garten die Nacktschnecken und dass der Rasen so nervig schnell wächst. Während die Anzahl der Grillparties dieses Jahr nur von der Anzahl der von den Nacktschnecken verschonten Sämlinge unterboten wird, kann sich der Eindruck aufdrängen, dass der Klimawandel auch im… Read more »
  • Trending on Remodelista: The Indoor-Outdoor LifeTrending on Remodelista: The Indoor-Outdoor Life
    Some natural inspiration from Remodelista this week. Plus: Nami Nori: In the West Village, a Japanese Restaurant with a Beachy Vibe Lovely, Dark, and Deep: An 1800s Victorian House in Nebraska, Restored Down to the Doorknobs 10 Easy Pieces: Architect-Designed Faucets Steal This Look: A Warm Gray Artistic Retreat in… Read more »
  • Low-Cost Luxury: 9 Ways to Use Decomposed Granite in a LandscapeLow-Cost Luxury: 9 Ways to Use Decomposed Granite in a Landscape
    Dubbed America’s first “Notable Pedestrian” in the 19th century, Edward Payson Weston popularized the activity of walking–and declared after 50 years of criss-crossing the country that the surface that feels finest underfoot is humble decomposed granite. “The best that I have walked upon,” he wrote in a travel journal. He should… Read more »
  • Zwetschgen GranitaZwetschgen Granita
    Leckere Abkühlung in Sicht! Es muss nicht immer Zwetschgen-Streuselkuchen oder Wähe sein. Mit den ersten Zwetschgen können wir an heissen Tagen auch diese leckere Granita zubereiten.Eine Granita kannst Du übrigens auch aus vielen anderen Früchten herstellen. Das Rezept durfte ich fürs Gartenbuch von Lubera ausprobieren und veröffentlichen.Danke für den Auftrag.… Read more »